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Written By: Chuck Dixon, Robert Jordan
Art By:  Francis Nuguit
Price: $3.99

This is an interesting case. It’s tempting to call Dynamite’s comic book adaptation of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time novels a cash grab. Let’s take a look at the facts here. This is issue #34. Issue #35 will be the conclusion of the adaptation of The Eye of the World, the first Wheel of Time novel, excluding the prequel New Spring, which Dynamite has already adapted. Right now on Comixology, the first 33 issues are $1.99. If you were to buy all 35 issues at that price, that’s about $70. The actual Eye of the World novel can be purchased for around $10. So, does that make this a cash grab? Maybe, but in the end it’s really just a matter of how you want to consume the story, around 700 pages filled with pictures, or closer to 800 pages filled with words.

I could try and go deep into exactly what’s going on in this series, but I did just say this was issue #34 of an adaptation of an 800 page novel so that would be a lot of ground to cover. I will try and give you a few basics though. The Wheel of Time is sword and sorcery fantasy, with the wheel itself being this world’s representation of fate. The One Power is the magic in the world and is only wielded by women. Any men with the ability to wield the power are doomed to insanity. The Eye of the World focuses on a group of characters, most of which are teenagers/young adults, ho are at once on the run from monsters and other servants of the Dark One, this world’s equivalent of the Devil, and searching for the so-called eye of the world. Now, as for this issue in particular, it focuses on main protagonist Rand al’Thor and his very magical/mystical confrontation with the villain Ba’alzamon. I’ll be honest, for the most part, this issue is really just one angry conversation between the two characters. Potentially very boring, but if you’re invested in the story it’s actually an interesting and climactic moment that probably deserves more then the seven pages it ended up getting.

So, by no means is this an optimal jumping on point for anyone not familiar with the novels or already following the series. If you’re already reading the series, then odds are you don’t need me to sell you on this issue because you’re going to pick it up if you haven’t already. And if you’ve read theEye of the World novel in the past but haven’t picked up any of the comic book adaptations yet, well this issue is actually probably one of the most interesting of the series and is a good place for you to start if you want to see if the comic is something you’d be interested in reading. For my part I’ve enjoyed the Eye of the World Series so far, I enjoyed the New Spring graphic novel and I’m interested to see if after issue #35 Dynamite continues on with an adaptation of the second novel in the series, The Great Hunt.

Score: 7.0