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Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By:  Michael Avon Oeming
Price: $3.99

The Super Sperm Saga continues with the third issue in just six weeks. I looked it up, Brian Michsel Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s tale of law enforcement professionals deling with cases involving super powered individuals hasn’t come close to a release schedule that consistent since releasing three issues in as many months from January to March of 2006. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I am definitely happy to have this series, now essentially in its fourth volume, sitting new in front of me on a consistent basis because, and I feel safe in saying this, it’s probably one of the best books going. At the very least as far as “super hero” books go.

So, as I said, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the series, it focuses primarily on Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, two characters who started in April 2000 as police detectives dealing with crimes involving individuals with powers. After the events of the book third volume last year, as the new subtitle suggests, Walker and Pilgrim are now federal agents and their first case centers on the sale of powered sperm for the breeding of powered babies. Relatively innocent sure, until people start dying.

Ok, I can’t deny it, the story sounds ridiculous, it sounds gross. But it works. It absolutely works. I truly believe Bendis may be at his best when he’s writing this series. He takes something like being impregnated by powered sperm, and makes it a threat on the same basic level as being impregnated by aliens. Maybe there are super powers in the book, maybe the subject matter seems like that of a comedy, but the actual tone of the book is closer to that of a TV crime drama. There’s banter, jokes, nudity, sex, blood and guts, it’s quite a ride. I haven’t liked every issue of the four volumes of Powers, but the hits far out number the misses, and this particular sue is definitely one of the hits, easily pushing the story forward as Walker and Pilgrim dive deeper not their investigation and making it very clear that, as they tend to do in this book, things are about to get very complicated. If you like crime drama, if you like superheroes, but you aren’t following this book, then you are missing out.

Score: 8.5

Michael Bowie