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Well, Marvel kicked off there Marvel #1 promotion on Sunday and essentially broke Comixology for about a day and a half, at least as far as getting new comics was concerned. So, since I finished the last of my previous catching up buy Sunday night, I had to suffer the last day without new comics, but, all is well, Marvel #1 is on hold for the moment, but Comixology seems to be back up and running and I managed to make a couple buys Monday night. First up, from the Marvel Monday sale, X-Men: Second Coming:

New Mutants, vol.2 #12-14
Uncanny X-Men vol.1 #523-525
X-Force, vol.3 #26-28
X-Men: Legacy, vol.1 #235-237
X-Men: Second Coming #2

I’m holding off on Second Coming #1 until Marvel #1 kicks back in.


I’ve been a fan of comic book characters my entire life through cartoons, tv shows and movies pulled from the Marvel and DC universes. However with the exception of the odd book here and there when I was younger, I’ve never really collected comic books. That is, at least, until I discovered Comixology a year or so ago. Since then, lets just say I’ve been making up for lost time. One of my main priorities in this effort has been catching up on Marvel and DC’s major events and story arcs, of which there are many. So, when I make a purchase related to this effort, usually when Comixology has a sale I will post it here.
This particular purchase comes from Comixology’s recent sale highlighting some buildup to Marvel’s Age of Ultron event which kicked off this week. Here’s what I picked up:

Annihilation: Conquest Prologue
Annihilation: Conquest #1-6