Saturday (Oct. 25): Constantine/TBD+ TBD

Sunday (Oct. 26): Log Horizon/Sword Art Online II + Hellblazer #6
Monday (Oct. 27): Akame ga Kill/Attack on Titan, vol. 13 + Hellblazer #7
Tuesday (Oct. 28): Star Wars Rebels/Gotham + Hellblazer #8
Wednesday (Oct. 29): Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./The Flash + Hellblazer #9
Thursday (Oct. 30): Arrow/TBD + TBD
Friday (Oct. 31): What I Streamed This Week + TBD


Dec. 30/31 (Tues/Wed) 11pm PST/3am AST: Bully: Scholarship Edition
Dec. 31/ Jan. 1 (Wed/Thurs) 5pm PST/9pm AST: #DrinkAndGame
Jan. 1/2 (Thurs/Fri) 10pm PST/2am AST: Dragon Age II
Jan. 2/3 (Fri/Sat) 10pm PST/2am AST: Back to the Future: Episode Two


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