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The untold story of Darth Vader’s adventures between Star Wars Episode Four and Episode Five continues! With the dark lord’s new co-stars, his team, introduced and assembled, what’s next for this odd collection of allies?


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What do you do with Darth Vader? What story do you tell with him outside the main arc of the original Star Wars trilogy? Kieron Gillen’s answer appears to be to set one of the most prolific villains in fictional history off balance and then to set him on his own mission. This isn’t about Vader doing missions for the Emperor. It isn’t even about him rooting out and destroying the rebels. So what is it about then?


Originally posted on Nerds Unchained. Click here for the full review of Darth Vader #3.


With the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader’s standing with Emperor Palpatine has been reduced. While still undeniably an imposing figure, his new status may not command the same fear and respect from the higher ranking members of the imperial military it once did. What new dynamics will this create for our protagonist, his allies and rivals?


Originally posted on Nerds Unchained. Click here for the full review of Darth Vader #2.


I’ve been waiting for this one for about five or six months since the original Guardians showed up in the anniversary issue of Guardians of the Galaxy. At the time I wasn’t expecting the team to get their own book, but rather continue the story within the main Guardians title. I still expect some sort of crossover to happen down the road, but in the meantime, let’s see how this new title stands up.

Let me get some gripes I have with this book out of the way right off. The first is the language; yes, the title is set in space a thousand years in the future and there is only one Earth-born character in the main cast (I think, I don’t recall what exactly Vance Astro’s origins are), but is that really an excuse for the manufactured language? “Whatevermind” is odd, I think I can kind of understand “dei”, but the biggest offender is “tek”. I don’t care if it’s set in 3014 and speaking galactic basic or some other language, if you’re referring to technology, then please, just say “tech.” Next the art; this one is purely my personal preference and is something I’ve noticed with Marvel as a whole. A number of their books have this exaggerated, cartoonish art design to them and I’m just over it. I’m not faulting the book for it’s art, it just doesn’t work for me personally. Now then, let’s get to the story. Playing right out of their appearance in the main Guardians book, Guardians 3000 focuses on the team attempting to bring together a number of galactic peoples because Starhawk has detected the time and causality are collapsing, and that Earth-born Geena Drake is somehow the key to fixing it. By the contrivances of a story like this there is something you have to accept about this issue, and that’s that the first half of it is really only there to establish that the second half is a repeat of a moment the team has already lived and that apparently these events do have the ability to be change (because of Geena perhaps).

Normally, this kind of wonkey time/deja vu story is something that would drive me nuts, and given enough time it still might, but by the end I was actually kind of on board. I’m going to have to put the reason on Geena because she’s honestly the only character I actually found interesting in this issue, but I am actually interested in seeing how things play out, at least for a little while. I’ll try not to let my grievances with the laguage and art drive me away if the story actually gets good.


Score: 6.5

Written By: Dan Abnett
Art By: Gerardo Sandoval and Edgar Delgado
Letters By: Clayton Cowles
Price: $3.99