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With their adventures on Cymoon 1 behind them and one of the Empire’s largest weapons manufacturing facilities destroyed, what’s next for the heroes of the rebellion? For that matter, in the wake of these rebel attacks, what’s next for the Empire and its agents?


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Taking a break this week from the main story of Marvel’s (all) new Thor, Thor Annual #1 collects three 9-10 page stories. Series scribe Jason Aaron brings us a tale of old King Thor at the end of time while handing the reins (temporarily) of the Goddess of Thunder to Lumberjanes co-writer Noelle Stevenson. Perhaps most interesting though (at least to me) is former professional wrestler/future UFC fighter CM Punk, who makes his comic book writing debut here with a story of young Thor in the age of vikings.


Originally posted on Nerds Unchained. Click here for the full review of Thor Annual #1.


Things went pretty well for our heroes in last month’s premiere issue, but with Darth Vader making the scene this time around, it’s a pretty safe bet that things are going to go sour, really quickly. We’ve seen this before though, so what are Jason Aaron and the rest of the team bringing to make Darth Vader vs. the heroes of the Rebellion worth it once again?


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It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! The latest prong in new Star Wars canon (post-rebranding of the Expanded Universe as Legends) as the venerated franchise makes its return to Marvel Comics where it was born (in comic book format) 38 years ago. With that kind of buildup, I’m sure there was no pressure on Jason Aaron, John Cassaday, Laura Martin and Chris Eliopoulos to bring something special. Were they able to step up, or is this new title doomed to be exiled to the Unknown Regions?


Originally posted on Nerds Unchained. Click here for the full review of Star Wars #1.


It’s finally here! That stirrer of speculation, that causer of commotion, that object of, dare I say, controversy. Yes, that magic moment when Thor became a woman. No, no, it’s not a sex change story, I promise. The Odinson is now being played by Chris Hemsworth in the comics as well as the movies though, so…fangirls rejoice?

Or if you don’t wish to rejoice over Chris Hemsworth, perhaps you’d rather celebrate this new-fangled female Thor everybody’s been talking about. If that’s the case though, you may be a tad bit disappointed by this debut issue. Yes, she’s in there, and she sure picks up Mjolnir, but that’s about all she does. This first issue, understandably, is about setting up the new status quo for the world of Thor, or I suppose it Thors now, isn’t it. There is a lot of new status quo to cover. First off, Roxxon has attack sharks now apparently. Ok, so maybe that part isn’t actually important, but I had to mention it. What is important though, is that thanks to the events of “Original Sin”, Odin is back in Asgardia, and vying with Freyja for command, and the Odinson is unworthy of lifting Mjolnir. And to complicate matters further, Malekith is back, and he’s got some very large backup. The most interesting thing this issue has to offer as far as I’m concerned is the portrait of a broken Thor Odinson (I can’t just call him Thor anymore) that it paints. You just can’t understand how haunting it is to see him pleading with Mjolnir to move until the panels are actually in front of you. Of secondary interest is the new dynamic between Odin and Freyja. I have to say, it’s nice to have the All-Father back in the fold, but his wife clearly is not going to be taking any of the old man’s bluster.

I know, what everybody wants to hear about is the new Thor, but unfortunately there just isn’t a lot that you can say about her from what’s in this issue. There is enough her though for me to have come up with a guess as to who she is, which I won’t say here, but if you read the issue, you can probably come to the same theory as I have. I gotta say though, I hope I’m wrong. It’s not that I don’t think she could make for an interesting story, just that I would prefer it to be a complete unknown (that’s the only hint you’re getting). At the end of the day though, one thing that’s certain is that I’m definitely planning on sticking around to see everything Jason Aaron has in store for us.


Score: 8.5

Written By: Jason Aaron
Art By: Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
Letters By: Joe Sabino
Price: $3.99