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With their adventures on Cymoon 1 behind them and one of the Empire’s largest weapons manufacturing facilities destroyed, what’s next for the heroes of the rebellion? For that matter, in the wake of these rebel attacks, what’s next for the Empire and its agents?


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Things went pretty well for our heroes in last month’s premiere issue, but with Darth Vader making the scene this time around, it’s a pretty safe bet that things are going to go sour, really quickly. We’ve seen this before though, so what are Jason Aaron and the rest of the team bringing to make Darth Vader vs. the heroes of the Rebellion worth it once again?


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It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! The latest prong in new Star Wars canon (post-rebranding of the Expanded Universe as Legends) as the venerated franchise makes its return to Marvel Comics where it was born (in comic book format) 38 years ago. With that kind of buildup, I’m sure there was no pressure on Jason Aaron, John Cassaday, Laura Martin and Chris Eliopoulos to bring something special. Were they able to step up, or is this new title doomed to be exiled to the Unknown Regions?


Originally posted on Nerds Unchained. Click here for the full review of Star Wars #1.

What I Read Today: Star Wars: A New Dawn


So technically I actually finished reading this a few days ago, but between Shadow of Mordor and the Rebels premiere, I’ve had other things to talk about. Really though, what’s the point of a Star Wars fanboy like me having an outlet like this if I’m not going to use it to talk about the first novel to enter the all-new, official, cross-media canon for the Star Wars Universe. I believe i said this when i wrote about The Clone Wars Legacy, but it is really exciting to be able to get in on the ground floor of all this new canon material. Let’s get to a New Dawn then, shall we?

The first thing to say is also the most important, and that’s that i really enjoyed this novel. It’s one of only two I’ve read set in a period other than the Old Republic, and the first to focus on a cast of characters with no connection to the movies. The book serves as a prequel to the Rebels series and delivers a lot of background on two of the series’ leads, Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla (though certainly not all their background, gotta save some for the show). I don’t want to say two much about these two because i don’t want to spoil the book or any of the TV show for anyone, but I will say that it’s pretty easy to draw comparisons between these two and Han Solo and Leia Organa. Hera is far more active than Leia (at least as Leia is portrayed in the movies) but definitely has the same kind of heart, and there’s no denying Kanan’s cool, charming, easy-going attitude has Han written all over it. The back and forth between these two and the development of their relationship over the course of the book is a lot of fun.

For supporting cast we have bomb expert/know-it-all Skelly who serves as both a bit of comic relief and a driving facor to a lot of the conflict in the book (at least early on), Zaluna, who starts off with a seemingly minor role but by the end she is right at the forefront of everything and oh so lovable, and Obadiah, who has the smallest role of the three but is also the closest thing Kanan has to an Obi-Wan (except for the part that actually has Obi-Wan) and also kind of his wingman.

On the Imperial side the biggest stars are Captain Rae Sloane, acting Captain of the Star Destroyer Ultimatum, who does the book the great service of not following the story arc that I almost immediately wrote for her in my head upon meeting her but still playing a hugely pivotal role in the story, and Denetrius Vidian, who, while not being a force-user, is somewhere between Darth Vader and your worst bureaucratic/capitalist nightmare (needless to say he’s the villain of the tale).

A New Dawn is a lot of fun to read and is a great lead in for Star Wars Rebels. If you liked what you saw from the show’s first couple episodes and want more, then you should definitely pick this up. For my part I’m going to hope Disney/Lucasfilm fill in the five years that I believe are supposed to exist between the end of the book and the start of the series either with flashbacks on the show, more novels or comic books as by the way the book ends i’m sure that time period is very interesting for Kanan and Hera.

What I Watched Today: Star Wars The Clone Wars Legacy


Without question it is a very interesting time to be a Star Wars fan. There are a slew of new movies on the way over the next five years. The new animated series Star Wars Rebels premieres this coming Friday (Oct. 3). The new canon expanded universe (I don’t think they’re actually calling it that anymore) kicked off earlier this month with the release of Star Wars A New Dawn, a novel that acts as a prequel to the Rebels TV series. Yes, there is a lot coming down the pipe and I am loving being able to get in on the ground floor of all this new material.

Let’s take a step back for a minute though. The last Star Wars animated series, Star Wars The Clone Wars ran for five seasons from 2008-2013 with the shortened sixth season premiering this past March exclusively on Netflix when the series as a whole became available on the service. If you were like me, you probably thought, with rebels on the way, those Netflix-exclusive episodes were the end for The Clone Wars. Well, turns out that’s not quite the case. Over on this past Friday I believe, they put six videos and various pieces of concept art under the heading of Star Wars The Clone Wars Legacy. One video talks about three stories that had been finished to one degree or another for the series, but that never got the final full production treatment, and the various ways in which these stories are now being told (one is going to be a novel, another is a limited run comic book, and the third I’ll talk about in a second). A second video is a short one of series Supervising Director Dave Filoni in which  he introduces the other four videos.

But what are those other four videos? They are what the site and Dave Filoni refer to as story reels for one of the three story arc I mentioned before titled “Crystal Crisis on Utapau.” Essentially each of these videos are full length, fully voiced episodes of the show, only lacking final art assets and proper animation. It’ odd sitting and watching these episodes in such a clearly unfinished/unpolished state, yet at the same time, once you get past them looking something like a bad student project, they’re actually a lot of fun and it’s a very cool story. One that plays deeply into a very important part of the original trilogy of Star Wars movies. Honestly, the worst thing I can say about these story reels is that they really made me miss The Clone Wars series. As a counter to that though, I’m probably more excited for Rebels since watching them than I was beforehand (not that i wasn’t excited already).

If you were a fan of The Clone Wars, or if you are just generally a Star Wars fan, you should definitely head over to and check these videos out.

What I Got Today: Loot Crate

Technically I got this in the mail a couple of days ago, but I didn’t get around to actually opening it today. So I’ve been a Looter for about 8 months and I gotta say, opening up these packages every month is a treat, both because you never know what’s going to be inside them, and because what is inside is always so cool. Now, I admit, routinely the highlight for me is the shirts that often come in them, because, well, I love stupid/nerdy/random t-shirts. This month though, no shirt. A bit of a disappointment, sure. But all same, this may be the best shirtless crate I’ve gotten to this point. First up, let’s give you a look at the whole haul (the theme for the month was “Galactic”):


Now, let’s check out my personal highlights this month:

– Han Solo in Carbonite poster


I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but as big of a Star Wars fan as I am, I don’t actually have any Star Wars posters (and yet Vito Corleone and Tony Montana are still hanging on my walls from almost 10 years ago). So, needless to say, I was very happy to see this. The images from this franchise don’t get much more iconic than this one.

– Tribble


I’m not actually that big of a Star Trek fan (I did kinda just make it clear I’m more a Star Wars guy), and when I do watch Star Trek, it’s more likely to be The Next Generation or the J.J. Abrams movies, not The Original Series, regardless of how wonderful my Canadian brother William Shatner may be. That said, Tribbles are one of the most highly recognizable things associated with The Original Series and seeing this little toy, for no apparent reason, put a big smile on my face.

– The Official Currency of the Union of Allied planets


I admit it, I didn’t immediately recognize what this was from, I had to consult the booklet that came with this month’s crate to see that it was from Firefly. Upon learning that though, this item went from ‘hey, that looks cool’ to ‘oh my god, that’s so cool!’ What can I say, Firefly ranks behind only Star Wars as far as live-action material set in space goes for me. I may put Mass Effect ahead of Firefly overall though, but that’d mostly be because I’ve invested so many more hours in that franchise.

– Malcolm Reynolds vinyl figure


I just made my feeling about Firefly pretty clear so I don’t need to say it again for this one. What I will say though, is that as soon I saw the possibilities on the back of this blind box, the Mal figure that I got was one of two choices I was hoping for, the other was the other available Firefly figure; Jayne. I almost would have preferred Jayne, mostly cause he’s wearing that damn hat (actually I really would have preferred Kaylee, but she doesn’t have a figure, at least not in this set), but I’m certainly not complaining about what I got. After all, ain’t no Browncoat in the ‘Verse wouldn’t follow the Cap’n into the depths of Reaver space or anywhere else he took a fancy.